CARICOM-Dominican Republic Agreement Free Trade Agreement

The trading relationship between Trinidad and Tobago and the Dominican Republic is governed by the provisions of the CARICOM-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement. This Free Trade Agreement was signed on August 22, 1998. The Agreement provides for reciprocal duty-free treatment for CARICOM More Developed Countries (MDCs), Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago with non-reciprocity for the Less Developed Countries (LDCs).

This Agreement was incorporated into Trinidad and Tobago’s law in 2001 via the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Dominican Republic Free Trade Act No. 10 of 2001.

Some of the products covered under the Agreement include meat of bovine animals, milk and cream, beans, coconuts, rice, citrus, paints and vanishes, body lotions, candles, disinfectants, bars of iron or non-alloy steel.

The preferential tariffs arrangements afforded to the private sector can be accessed here.

The Dominican Republic forms part of the CARIFORUM Party which has a trade agreement with the European Union and the United Kingdom.

CARICOM-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement


CARICOM members and Dominican Republic

Date of signature/entry into force


End of transition period (goods liberalization) for Trinidad and Tobago

End of transition period: 2004. The liberalization schedules for this Agreement used a negative list approach.

With full implementation, all tariff lines are duty-free, except for:

32 subheadings at the 6-digit level;

35 headings at the 4-digit level; and

1 chapter at the 2-digit level

Certain agricultural products are subject to seasonal MFN duties but are duty-free for the rest of the year


Liberalization of goods only.

Built-in agenda to further develop the following areas: services, investment and government procurement

Trinidad and Tobago's merchandise trade with Dominican Republic (2017)

1.1% of total imports; 0.4% of total exports

WTO legal cover

Not applicable (not notified)

WTO consideration status

Not applicable (not notified)