Trade Procedures

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For a trader wishing to complete a specific trade operation (import or export), in Trinidad and Tobago the full procedure is captured and sectionized into the following categories:

  • Pre-Arrival

    This includes obtaining regulatory permissions – permits, licenses and approvals – to import specified goods. Brokerage services are contracted. At this stage, the preparation of necessary documentation by the shipping agent and the broker begins for the ship’s arrival and cargo clearance process.

  • Arrival

    This process commences upon arrival of the vessel and cargo. Shipping documents are submitted to Customs preparations are made for Ship clearance, Cargo handling, Cargo storage or warehousing and Arrival Notice.

  • Decleration Processing

    Completion of customs documentation, Lodgment of Customs Entries with supporting documentation at Customs, Customs processing and payment of duties, and Shipment/Container Location.

  • Examination and Inspection

    Inspection/Physical examination of cargo at port or on importer’s premises and Regulatory Inspections at port or on importer’s premises.

  • Release and Post Clearance

    The cargo arrival report is submitted and customs entry and supporting documents are submitted electronically, and are also physically lodged with Customs. The customs declaration is processed and the assessment and payment of duties is completed and the examination and release of cargo from Container Examination Station or port or warehouse is also completed.