Business Procedures

Get clear insight to all operations involved in Business related procedures by having access to information such as the Fees, Required Documents, Average Time Frame, and more.


If you are considering starting a new business as a sole proprietorship, partnership or limited liability company in Trinidad and Tobago, you can find useful information on how to register your business or incorporate your company, how to register for tax and national insurance, how to apply for membership of organisations and how to obtain financing.


Once you have set up your business in Trinidad and Tobago, you can also find useful information on how to obtain licences, permits and certificates, how to employ staff, how to pay taxes and national insurance, how to request for utility services, how to develop land, how to buy properties, how to sell products locally and how to bid for overseas tenders.

Select a business type and sector to find out more about how to undergo business procedures in Trinidad and Tobago.

The search results page lists and sequences all business procedures that apply to a business operation.

The result of your business-related query leads to a search results page that explains from start to finish, the steps and procedures that need to be taken and provides insight into the expected final output.

For a trader wishing to complete a specific trade operation (import or export), in Trinidad and Tobago the full procedure is captured and sectionized into the following categories:

Companies Registration Online System

On February 1, 2023 the Registrar General's Department (RGD) will launch its Companies Registry Online System (CROS) to facilitate business registration and company incorporation e-services. Please click here to access frequently asked questions regarding the CROS. For further details, you may also contact the RGD via e-mail at or or via telephone at 223-AGLA (2452) ext. 3352, 3386, 3044 or 3766.