Special Economic Zones

Catalysts for Growth and Innovation

1. Information for Interested Applicants

Application Procedures and Forms for SEZ entities (SEZ Regulations - Legal Notice No. 370 of 2023)

The SEZ Regulations outline the requirements, processes and procedures regarding the designation of SEZs; the licensing for Operators, Special Economic Zone Enterprises and Single Zone Enterprises; the application of the Customs Act; dispute resolution; and various guidelines and fees. The SEZ Regulations includes all the relevant Application Forms.

Benefits and Eligibility Criteria for SEZ entities (Legal Notice No. 116 of 2024)

Schedules 1, 2 and 4 specify the benefits and eligibility criteria for Operators, SEZ Enterprises and Single Zone Enterprises.

2. Other Information

Special Economic Zones Act, 2022

The SEZ Act, 2022, provides for the designation, development, operation and management of Special Economic Zones; the establishment of the Special Economic Zones Authority; the repeal of the Free Zones Act, Chap. 81:07; the regulation of Special Economic Zones and matters related thereto.

Partial Proclamation of the SEZ Act (Legal Notice No. 16 of 2022)

Parts I–V of the SEZ Act were proclaimed to enable the creation of the Board of the SEZ Authority and the staffing and setting up of the SEZ Authority.

Full proclamation of the SEZ Act (Legal Notice No. 121 of 2024)

Parts VI-XII of the SEZ Act provide for the designation of Special Economic Zones; licensing provisions for Operators, Special Economic Zone Enterprises and Single Zone Enterprises; support measures and benefits; the establishment of an Inspection programme; various offences and penalties; establishment and administration of public and private registers; and miscellaneous matters.

Extension of time for benefits granted to Approved Enterprises (Legal Notice No. 122 of 2024)

The benefits afforded to Approved Enterprises under the Free Zones Act will be extended until the 31 December 2024

Contact Information

Trinidad and Tobago Special Economic Zones Authority
Level 3, Albion Plaza Energy Centre
22-24 Victoria Avenue, Port of Spain, Trinidad
Telephone: 1-868-226-5593
Email: info@seza.gov.tt