HS Code & Tariff Finder

Find detailed information on tariffs and preferential rates under any Trade Agreement.

The Tariff Finder allows you to search for the Most-Favoured-Nation (MFN) tariff rates for commodities imported into Trinidad and Tobago. In addition, if commodities are eligible for preferential rates under any Trade Agreements, both the eligible preferential rates and the rules of origin will also be shown. All commodities are classified using the CARICOM External Tariff (CET) system, which is compliant with the international Harmonized System (HS) maintained and published by the World Customs Organization (WCO).
To search for commodities, and their associated tariff rates, simply enter the 6-digit HS Sub-Heading (e.g. 0101.21), the full 8-digit HS Code (e.g. 0101.21.00) or a short description (e.g. "Horses"), then select the relevant HS code from the results.