TTBizLink E-Services

Access our e-services using the links below.

To access TTBizLink payment service to make online payment for Goods Declaration click below:

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The following are the e-services available on TTBizLink. To access these e-services,
Animal Production and Health Division
  • Animal Import Permit
  • Animal Export Permit
  • Certificate of Origin for Preferential Markets
Food and Drugs Inspectorate, CFDD
  • Export Free Sale Certificate
  • Export Health Certificate
  • Goods Declaration Processing
Investment Directorate
  • Fiscal Incentives
  • Import Duty Concessions
Maritime Services Division
  • Pre Arrival Notice (Navigational aid dues)
  • Pre Departure Notice
Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Inspectorate, CFDD
  • Pesticides Premises Licence
  • Toxic Chemicals Premises Licence
  • Pesticides Import Licence
  • Toxic Chemicals Import Licence
  • Toxic Chemicals Drawdown Certificate
  • Toxic Chemical Export Licence
  • Goods Declaration Processing
Pharmacy/Drug Inspectorate
  • Antibiotics Storage, Sale and Distibution Licence
  • Narcotics Storage, Sale and Distibution Licence
  • Antibiotic Import Licence
  • Narcotics Import Licence
  • Antibiotics Withdrawal Certificate
  • Narcotics Withdrawal Certificate
  • Antibiotics Export Licence
  • Antibiotics Withdrawal from Bond Certificate
Plant Quarantine Services
  • Plant Import Permit
  • Goods Declaration Processing
Trade Licence Unit
  • Trade Import Licence
  • Trade Export Licence
  • Duty Relief Licence
  • Safeguard Certificate
  • Suspension Certificate
  • Goods Declaration Processing
Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards
  • Goods Declaration Processing
Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • Certificate of Origin for Non-Preferential Markets
Work Permit Secretariat
  • Work Permit - Individual application
  • Work Permit - Group application