Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Investment Incentives for the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.

SME Listing on Stock Exchange

In an effort to deepen the capital markets and improve the attractiveness of listing on the equity market, the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (GORTT) has enacted legislation via the Finance Act on December 17th, 2021, to include tax incentives to encourage SMEs to seek alternative equity financing by Listing on the Stock Exchange. These tax incentives became applicable from January 2022.

Newly listed SMEs will automatically benefit from:

  1. A full tax holiday for the first five years (exemption from the payment of Corporation tax, Business Levy and Green Fund Levy);
  2. A fifty percent (50%) reduction in taxes for the second five-year period (Corporation Tax, Business Levy and Green Fund Levy).

In addition, SMEs listing on the Stock Exchange, may also benefit from:

  1. Advisory support through a Mentorship Programme. The Mentorship Programme aims to provide SMEs with the guidance required to successfully transition and grow its business whilst practicing good corporate governance.
  2. Access to another form of financing other than bank credit and debt;
  3. Access to the long-term capital that is needed to grow and expand;
  4. An initial listing will attract a broader investor base and can increase a company's ability to raise further capital via the stock market; and
  5. Enhanced visibility and the opportunity to build a stronger reputation in the market.

Interested SMEs are asked to email for further details on the mentorship criteria and the application process.